Heritage Congregational Church

485 West Street, Berea, Ohio 44017 • (440) 826-1641 • (440) 826-1648 fax
Pastor: Rev. Patrick Hunt, DD • Worship Service: Sunday, 10:30 AM
Heritage is Voluntarily Affiliated with The Ohio Association of Congregational Christian Churches and The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches


Rev. Patrick F. Hunt, DD: pastor.heritagde@att.net  •   Heritage Secretary: heritage.sec44017@att.net  •    Directions to Heritage
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January 29 - Congregational Meeting following the service. A quorum is required for this meeting.


Sunday, January 22 - Pastor Hunt preaching

Scripture: Matthew 9:14-17

Sermon Title: Making Everything New

Sermon Theme: Trying to mix the new with the old does not work.

Sunday, January 29 - Pastor Hunt preaching

Scripture: Luke 7:36-50

Sermon Title: The Vastness of God's Forgiveness

Sermon Theme: God can forgive the most hopeless sinner.

Sunday, February 5 - Pastor Hunt preaching

Communion Service

Scripture: Luke 8:16-18

Sermon Title: The Effect of Light

Sermon Theme: Light has powerful properties.